The Ice House Bar & Grill and The Harpoon Room at Ice House Bar & Grill strives to provide you with amazing food, delicious beverages, fun, laughter and a relaxing atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and fulfilled. The Ice House Bar & Grill & Harpoon Room is locally owned by Lars Vinjerud II, who takes pride in making his restaurants the best experience you can possibly get. We look forward to serving you soon... thank you for your patronage.

Locally Sourced Seafood

Did you know that Ice House Bar & Grill gets all of their seafood locally sourced from Fleet Fisheries? The owner of the restaurant owns a fleet of boats so you know the seafood is always going to be the freshest that you can get. We take pride in serving our customers the best food around and cannot wait for your next visit to our bar & grill.


Meet the Team

Have a question or concern? Please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff or give Ice House a call at 508-992-BEER or The Harpoon Room at 774-425-4496.

Chef Chris Brunskill

Head Chef

Pearl Carter

Harpoon Room Manager

Holly Mello

Bar Manager

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